For children aged 2 to 3 years.

We encourage children to:

  • Separate confidently from parents.
  • Adjust well to the routines of the Centre.
  • Develop independence in caring for their own belongings.
  • Develop confidence in selecting activities and pursuing interests.
  • Learn to share and take turns in use of resources.
  • Communicate needs appropriately to peers and carers.
  • Develop fine motor and gross motor skills.
  • Extend vocabulary and improve speech.
  • Express themselves and communicate through a variety of media.

Children will gain:

  • Lively and enquiring minds with a love of learning and willingness to apply effort.
  • The ability to express themselves creatively.
  • The full use of their imagination.
  • Self-confidence, a sense of worth and respect for and consideration of others.
  • A defined set of personal and social values.
  • The ability to make rational decisions and to problem solve.

Most of all the children will have fun and make new friends.