We believe the best way to work with you and your child is by building a partnership of care. To do this we want you to feel:

  • Welcomed, recognised and respected by all our staff
  • That your child is really known by and really knows the people who care for him or her
  • You are given lots of information about what is occurring and are asked for your views
  • You are involved in making decisions about your child’s experiences
  • You and your child are received and greeted upon arrival
  • Your child is happy, secure and engaged
  • Your child is really cared for

We welcome your interests and visits.  Our Centre has an ‘Open Door Policy’.

Feel free to discuss any queries or concerns you may have about your child’s education. We would also like you to look often into our busy, happy, creative Centre and see your child at play. We want you to realise the validity of play and the importance of what your child is learning in the process. By working together, families and carers can help each child to develop to his/her full potential.